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11th October 2016

A business owner is on trial for manslaughter following the death of a teenage worker. Colin Jeffrey, who owned the firm Utterly Gutterly, is charged with unlawfully killing 17 year old Mason Beau Jennians and not following health and safety regulations for people working at height. Mr Jeffrey denies the charges, and says that Jennians was self employed therefore not his responsibility.

Danny Clarke, Group Operations Director says: “First of all it’s sad that this incident caused the death of a young person. However, when it comes to health and safety if Mr Jeffrey was deemed to be in control of the work at height activities or indeed he was his employer then he will be seen to be responsible for Mr Jennians – health and safety, regardless of employment status. As such he should have ensured that any people working at height were trained, competent and the business had appropriate systems in place to protect health and safety.”

He continues: “When working at height appropriate training and equipment is needed but this forms part of the wider overarching risk assessment process. Ladders for example should only really be used when there aren’t more suitable alternatives and, where used, should not be used for work other than that of a short duration. In addition to a working at height risk assessment, I would also advise clients to consider the risks of these types of activities being undertaken by someone who is under the age of 18.”

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