Man Sleeping
10th April 2017

Are Well Rested Staff Better At Their Jobs?

Researchers from the Rotterdam School of Management say that sleep related disruption can cost billions in lost productivity, with even a single night’s loss of sleep causing a lack of self control. The study found that lack of sleep can cause irritability and other unwanted behaviours, such as rudeness or even increasing the likeliness of workplace theft.

Danny Clarke is Operations Director for the ELAS Group. He says: “For years now, research has shown that driving whilst tired can be as dangerous as drink driving. Sleepiness or fatigue has been shown to affect short term memory and is linked to reduced reaction times and poor judgements. Tiredness is also known to affect vision, concentration and focus.

“In addition to affecting motivation and performance, tiredness is also known to affect people’s moods and make them more aggressive. It can particularly affect night workers who not only suffer from reduced sleep due to shift patterns but are also at higher risk of diabetes, poor diet and mental health conditions.

“If you want to give yourself or your company the best chance to create a new product or service, then get your employees to sleep well! Research shows that high level innovative thinking and improved problem solving abilities are linked to a good night’s sleep and companies that place importance on sleep are likely to reap the benefits.”


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