Vibration Assessments

HAVS Testing

What Are Vibration Assessments?

Vibration assessments helps determine whether or not the controls you’ve put in place to protect your employees from vibration are working.

Our team will advise you on any control measures that may need to be put in place and identify any particular employees who are seen to be a particular risk.

The aim of the vibration monitoring risk assessment is to help you decide what you need to do to ensure the health and safety of your employees who are exposed to vibration.

We will:

  • Make a list of equipment that may cause vibration, and what sort of work it is used for;
  • Collect information about the equipment from equipment handbooks (make, model, power, vibration risks, vibration information etc);
  • Make a list of employees who use the vibrating equipment and which jobs they do;
  • Note as accurately as possible how long employees’ hands are actually in contact with the equipment while it is vibrating – in some cases this ‘trigger time’ may only be a few minutes in several hours of work with the equipment;
  • Ask employees which equipment seems to have high vibration and about any other problems they may have in using it, eg its weight, awkward postures needed to use the tool, difficulty in holding and operating it;
  • Record the relevant information collected and produce an assessment of who is likely to be at risk.

A full report will be provided that will document exposures to each employee, along with the actuation values of each tool.

Our team will also provide you with an action plan based on our findings, along with a breakdown of which employees require health surveillance or are at particular risk. We will also provide an action plan based on our findings along with a breakdown of which employees require health surveillance and which employees are at particular risk.

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