Audiometric Testing

audiometric testing

What is Audiometric Testing?

Audiometric testing is mandatory for all UK employees who are exposed to levels of 85dB(A) on a daily basis. It checks the effectiveness of the noise control measures a company has in place and assesses whether or not the staff require regular hearing tests as a result.

Typically the tests are used to determine someone’s hearing levels using an audiometer but they can also be used to measure someone’s ability to distinguish different sound intensities, recognize pitch or distinguish speech from background noise. Acoustic reflex and otoacoustic emissions may also be measured during the audiometric testing period as a way to determine whether those affected require ongoing hearing tests.

Ideally audiometric testing should start before a person is exposed to noise e.g. for new starters or those changing jobs, in order to set a baseline. We know that this isn’t always possible and it is acceptable for audiometric testing to be introduced at any time for those who have already been exposed to noise.

The testing will then be followed by a regular series of hearing tests, conducted annually for the first two years then at three yearly intervals.

All our audiometric testing is carried out during working hours with minimal disruption to your business, in a professional manner and at a competitive, all-inclusive rate. Employees will also complete a questionnaire and anĀ ELAS Occupational Health technician will visually inspect their ears after completing the hearing tests.

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