DRiver medicals
1st November 2016

A lorry driver who caused a fatal crash in Oxfordshire has been sentenced to ten years in jail. Tomasz Kroker was reportedly driving whilst using his mobile phone when he crashed into a car driven by Tracy Houghton, killing her and three of her children.

Dash cam video played in court showed that his attention was diverted from the road for almost a kilometre while he looked at music on his phone. Just an hour before the crash he had signed a declaration to his employer, promising not to use his phone while behind the wheel.

Danny Clarke, Group Operations Director for the ELAS Group, says “This highlights the importance of both monitoring the procedures and policies that an organisation puts in place and reinforcing the need to ensure drivers are fit and able to undertake the duties that are expected of them. In particular companies should reinforce the importance of ensuring drivers understand the risks associated with both the vehicle they operate and the need to maintain concentration. Forward thinking transport operators are implementing ways to raise awareness of concentration lapses and the risks associated with health and safety and driving for work.”

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