drugs and alcohol
30th November 2015

Sound Advice wants to ensure employers are equipped this festive season in relation to employee absences, sickness, productivity and in particular drug and alcohol misuse. Over the recent months we have noted a steady rise in reports of workplace drug and alcohol misuse and according to the latest Global Drug Survey, 20% of British respondents admitted that they had taken drugs one or two hours before going to work. In addition, 10.9% used what they described as “a mystery white powder” – highlighting what the survey calls the UK’s “reckless attitude”.

In light of these results a new survey undertaken on behalf of Sound Advice found that a quarter of UK workers admit they have worked under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In the poll of 1,500 workers, 25 per cent said they had arrived at work still feeling the effects of drink or drugs, with men aged 25-34 the most likely offenders.

Shockingly, 24 per cent of those surveyed also confessed that they had driven into work after a night out while feeling over the drink drive limit.

Sound Advice, is urging employers to ensure their businesses are protected against the risks posed by staff who may turn up for work still under the influence of substances – whether legal or not.

With only two thirds of UK organisations referencing a drug and alcohol policy, these statistics underline the need for every business, large or small to consider how effectively they manage drugs and alcohol on their premises.

At Sound Advice, we believe it is the foremost responsibility of all employers to provide a safe, healthy workplace environment – allowing workers to perform duties while impaired by the effects of alcohol or drugs is grossly irresponsible.

We want to enable organisations to understand the importance of managing drugs and alcohol within the workplace, which includes the relative risk from drugs including medications all intoxicating substances rather than simply the traditional approach of illegal substances.


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