mental health awareness week 2016
16th May 2016

All employers have a responsibility for their employees’ health and safety in the workplace, including pre-existing mental health conditions and conditions brought on by work. How can employers ensure they meet this responsibility?

One in four adults will experience a mental health condition in any given year yet mental health problems, including depression, are still often a taboo subject in the workplace.

With the cost of replacing staff lost due to mental health conditions reported to be £2.4bn per year in the UK alone, it makes sense for employers to help their employees combat the illness and build a culture of acceptance and support.

Mental health problems cost employers in the UK a staggering £30bn a year through lost production, recruitment and absence. What steps can you take to improve the mental health of your employees?

At Sound Advice we take mental health seriously. Our occupational health professionals can help you promote good mental health among your employees and tackle the barriers to forming them, including mounting pressures on work-life balance, the impact of bullying and unhealthy relationships.

From one-to-one counselling sessions for employees to mental health first aid training to help you recognise if someone might be struggling, you can rely on us to help ensure not just the physical but also the mental health and safety of every member of your staff.

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