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23rd February 2018

What Is Occupational Health And Safety?

Occupational health and safety is the term used to describe every aspect of health and safety within the workplace. Often simply referred to as occupational health or occ health, it is a term that literally covers the entire gamut of health and wellbeing for your staff. But what can your business do to improve its occupational health and safety procedures?

Occupational health and safety requirements differ from business to business. No business, and no industry, comes with the same occupational health requirements. Because of this, setting out basic occupational health guidelines is extremely difficult. How can you set out guidelines when they may not even be relevant to 90% of businesses? This is the issue that faces many businesses when they begin setting out their own occupational health policies and procedures.

At ELAS Occupational Health, we can help your business put together a comprehensive occupational health plan and we are able to provide any service that your business requires. But what kind of occupational health services are there and what are they used for? Below we detail some of the services we currently offer and how they could benefit your business and your staff:

Air Monitoring

Across a wide range of industries, staff are routinely exposed to a wide variety of potentially hazardous airborne substances. This can include dust, solvents, fumes, gases and much more, but what can you do to protect the health of your staff and how can this be effectively monitored?

UK legislation states that every business has a duty of care to protect the health and wellbeing of their staff and this includes workplace air monitoring in any business where employees may be exposed to hazardous airborne substances. But how can you monitor the presence of airborne substances and what can be done to keep them at reasonable levels?

Our consultants will create a bespoke air monitoring programme for your business that meets your legal obligations under COSHH regulations. You will also be given a detailed report, outlining your current levels of exposure, guidance to keep this at manageable levels and advice on anything else identified as a potential issue during the air monitoring process. This keeps airborne hazards to a minimum whilst fully protecting the health of your staff.

Noise Assessments

Many industries and every businesses naturally have an associated noise level. However the noise levels are often wildly different. A factory would have a drastically different noise level to an office environment. As such, noise assessments are usually required in any business that naturally produces a much higher noise level. That’s where our noise assessments service comes in.

Since the introduction of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, employers have been required to complete noise assessments to identify any ways that they could prevent or reduce the risk to their employees’ health and safety from regular exposure to noise at work. Th following questions can help you decide if you need to book a noise assessment:

  • Do you operate in an industry commonly associated with lengthy exposure to loud music (pubs, clubs, live music venues etc)?
  • Is the noise ‘intrusive’ (similar to noise found on a busy street)?
  • Do your staff have to raise their voices to communicate with one another?
  • Do your staff use noisy tools or machinery for more than half an hour a day?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s very likely that you need to book a noise assessment to protect the hearing of your staff and we’re here to help you! We will visit your premises, evaluate the noise levels and risks and provide you with a full report detailing our findings and any members of your staff that may be at risk. We will then work with your business to develop a robust hearing conservation programme which will outline what you can do to reduce noise levels and protect the hearing of your staff.

Vibration Assessments

Do your staff regularly work with ‘vibrating machinery’? If so then they it is your responsibility to ensure that you regularly book vibration assessments for them. But what do vibration assessments actually do and how are they used to protect the health of your staff?

Vibration assessments help you decide what you are required to do to protect the health of any member of your staff who is regularly exposed to vibration. But how do you protect these members of staff? When you book a vibration assessment with the ELAS Occupational Health, we will:

  • List all equipment that cause vibration and what they are used for
  • Collate information about these tools or machines from their equipment manuals
  • List all employees who use these tools or machines and what they do
  • Provide detailed reports on how long each staff member’s hands are physically in contact with the vibrating tool or machine while it is actually vibrating.
  • Take notes from your employees regarding equipment with perceived higher vibration levels or any other issues they encounter such as weight of tools machinery
  • Record all relevant findings and produce a comprehensive assessment of who may or may not be at risk

Additionally, we will provide a full report to document the exposure levels for all employees and actuation values for all tools and machinery. We will then work with you to create an action plan to reduce the risk to your employees and recommend further actions, such as health surveillance requirements, where necessary.

Are There Any Other Services That Could Help My Business?

As well as the services detailed above, we also offer spray booth testing, as well as a wide range of health surveillance services and occupational health services. These range from lung function and audiometric testing to safety critical medicals and drug and alcohol testing services and all services are available across the UK wide and are delivered by our fully trained occupational health doctors and nurses. Our mobile testing units allow us to arrive at your site, when you need us and deliver the exact services that your business requires so don’t delay, call our team today on 0845 862 8040 or complete the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We look forward to helping your business!


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