Lone Worker Health Assessment

lone worker assessment

What Is A Lone Worker Health Assessment?

Any member of staff whose job requires them to work by themselves without close or direct supervision is classified as a lone worker. Factory and warehouse workers, office cleaners, security officers, drivers, engineers and sales representatives are among those who would typically require a lone worker health assessment.

It is important for all businesses to ensure that all their lone workers complete the required health assessments in order to do their job safely. This will specifically include checks to make sure there are no pre-existing medical conditions that would make them unsuitable for lone working.

As well as the health assessment, all lone workers should complete a risk assessment before starting work. A ELAS Occupational Health advisor will take into consideration both routine work and foreseeable emergencies which may impose additional physical and mental burdens on the individual.

After completing health assessments, our team of experts will provide you with an occupational health certificate identifying any hazards which are specific to the lone worker as well as any recommendations as to the best way to manage them.

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