Management Referrals

Management Referrals

What Is A Management Referral?

The Sound Advice occupational health team consists of doctors, physicians, and nurses. Our management referral programme helps ensure that your employees are able to remain in work and continue providing you with their regular level of service.

We offer a fast and effective professional intervention service, whether your employee is on a long term sickness, has frequent short-term absences or if you have a general concern regarding their health or wellness within the workplace.

If you feel an employee would benefit from seeing an occupational health physician then management referrals are an incredibly valuable tool.

Our experts will conduct a confidential assessment by telephone or in person with your employee(s), and provide them with structured advice and recommendations as to how they can improve their health. We will also provide you, the employer, with a comprehensive management referral report advising on your employee’s fitness for work, as well as any restrictions and/or adaptations which we recommend you make within their working environment. This management report will also detail any diagnoses and prognoses that have been given to the employee, as well as any implications they might have with regards to the disability legislation contained within the Equality at Work Act 2010.

We can also provide relevant eligibility for retirement on the grounds of ill health if required.

All the advice we provide will be addressed in a fair, sensitive and consistent manner, taking into consideration the needs of your employee and their work requirements.

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