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What Is An Asbestos Medical?

An asbestos medical is required when a risk assessment has shown that you may have workers who are at risk of exposure. All employers have a duty of care to ensure that every asbestos medical is carried out for all members of staff before they start working with any materials which contain, or may contain, asbestos.

Asbestos poisoning can be responsible for numerous conditions, including:

  • Asbestos corns – a granulomatous or hyperkeratotic lesion of the skin at the site of deposit of asbestos particles
  • Pleural thickening – also known as diffuse pleural thickening (DPT), this is a lung disease by which extensive scarring thickens the thin membrane that covers the lungs (pleura). As the scar tissue grows it can encase the lung and close off the space between the lungs and the pleura
  • Asbestosis – a lung disease resulting from the inhalation of asbestos particles, marked by severe fibrosis and a high risk of mesothelioma
  • Lung cancer
  • Mesothelioma – cancer of the mesothelial tissue, especially associated with asbestos exposure

An asbestos medical will include a comprehensive health questionnaire and lung function testing. It should be carried out nor more than two years before starting work near asbestos and every two years after the work.

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