mental health awareness week 2016
17th May 2016

Work has a really important role in promoting mental wellbeing and is a key factor in self-esteem and identity. There are many ways in which employers can support their workers.

Having good supervision, clear goals, appraisals, and staff development are key things that some take for granted, but which can set the tone for supporting people at work. The things you can do to support someone having trouble adjusting often cost far less than having someone on sick leave, or having to recruit a replacement for a person who leaves.

Flexible working hours, employee assistance programmes, mindfulness and relaxation sessions can all help to improve the mental wellbeing and productivity of employees across an organisation.

Sound Advice Safety and Health has put together a short checklist of steps employers can take towards managing absences caused by mental health issues in the workplace:

  • Promoting good health – Creating a workplace culture that promotes good health is extremely important. Initiatives such as wellbeing days and consultations with professionals, e.g. confidential workplace psychologists and physiotherapists, go a long way towards safeguarding the mental wellbeing of employees.
  • Flexible working options – Organisations that promote employee mental wellbeing by offering flexible working options can help employees establish a good work/life balance, making it less likely that they come to work unwell or need to take time off due to stress or anxiety.
  • Effective management of absences – Managing absences effectively will also reduce the impact of absenteeism. For example, conducting back to work interviews will enable managers to validate the reason for the absence as well as establish whether the employee if fit to return to work or should be referred to an occupational health consultant.
  • New-starter work health assessments – Effective new-starter work health assessments will help employers ensure that new employees are able to perform their intended role safely.
  • Management training – Training of management staff will raise the awareness of occupational health issues within the business. This means any gaps within both provisions and policy can be promptly addressed.

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