Health and wellbeing
17th November 2016

Everybody is motivated. Very few people get up in the morning and go to work intending to cause problems, and nobody wants to go home at the end of the day feeling like a failure. The key for employers is to find out what inspires their employees as well as what discourages them, in order to create an environment in which employees are motivated by their work.

A well-organised workplace which sets clear expectations and treats all employees equally will foster a culture of productivity and contribution rather than gossip, unrest and unhappiness. A recent study showed that 1 in 4 people are unhappy at work so there is clearly still work to be done in this area. Here are my top tips for creating an engaged workforce and motivating employees:

  • Communicate better. Be more than just a name. People take leadership from people who they connect with. It’s important to be transparent, open and honest and give an insight into the direction that the company is heading. Two way communication, engaging with employees and LISTENING to their ideas, questions, thoughts and worries goes a long way towards moving a company forward in the same direction
  • Be an example. The saying that behaviour breeds behaviour is true. People feed off others positivity but, unfortunately, negativity is equally infectious. In order to raise standards you need to set them
  • Empower your employees. Show them that you have faith and trust in what they do and provide a just culture where everyone lives by the same rules. Sharing learning experiences as a group will help motivate and develop the team however motivating individuals can take more time. Learn about your team and what makes them tick; this will empower you to motivate them in the most effective way. Do they value family, time off, new experiences, sports teams, friends, or is there a charity which is close to their hearts? Directing rewards to something your employees care about means that both they and you will reap the benefits
  • Offer opportunities for advancement. If a person feels like they have no chance of promotion in their current role then they are likely to look elsewhere. Honest feedback, goals and opportunities as well as coaching, training and advancement opportunities will all help keep employees engaged.
  • Provide incentives. These don’t need to be money; people are more motivated by mastery, autonomy and purpose in what they do. As long as people feel that they are being paid a fair rate then money becomes secondary to knowing they are making a difference
  • Set smart targets. We all want to take over the proverbial world however targets need to be achievable and accomplished in small steps. There’s nothing more de-motivating than unrealistic expectations. Set people up for success not failure

At the end of the day you have to implement what is right for your organisation and it’s important to get the balance right between what you can realistically offer and what your employees want. Once you truly understand what your employees want and value you will be able to customise your workplace to both motivate and incentivise your employees.


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