Biological Monitoring

biological monitoring

What is Biological Monitoring?

Biological monitoring and biological testing is a way of assessing your employees’ chemical exposures by measuring the levels of a chemical or its breakdown products. It’s particularly useful when dealing with chemicals which are absorbed through the skin, and where the control measures rely upon the use of personal protective equipment.

Isocyanates can be found in a number of construction products including polyurethane paints, coatings, foams, glues and flooring. Certain tasks such as spray painting can lead to very high exposure to isocyanates. The main effects of hazardous exposures to isocyanates are occupational asthma and other lung problems, as well as irritation of the eyes, nose, throat and skin.

Our biological monitoring is unique. We measure how much of the chemical has actually entered a persons’ body instead of just looking at how much is in the environment around them. Controlling exposure usually relies on engineering controls, such as spray booths, and respiratory protective equipment, for example, air-fed breathing apparatus (visors). By using ELAS Occupational Health biological monitoring and testing kits you can tell whether the control measures your company has put in place are working, and if they are being used correctly.

Our team will supply you with biological monitoring kits for your employees. They will then send their urine samples to the laboratory for testing in our pre-paid packs. Once we receive the test results back, our occupational health team will analyse them and work with you to decide what further steps, if any, need to be taken based upon these results.

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